The smart thinking creative service building uniquely differentiated brands.


A little about us, what inspires us and why we believe in delivering a professional level of design across all media.

Passionate about the craft of design 

And why does it matter?

In our digital world technology has made it easy for anyone to proclaim themselves a designer. Digital design surrounds us. Mostly everyone can create a slide show, their own logos, client presentations, even ads. Some of them are indeed great, and then some simply don't work. In this crowded world of computer-aided self promoting, we believe that there is still a place for 'great' design. Design that is not based upon templates and clip art but upon strategic conceptual thinking that works primarily to enhance your brand values and unique offering.

Great design doesn't begin with a font or a colour, but with an idea. Forget the templates, great design takes into account the specific marketing goals and visions of a brand. What is it your brand is  trying to achieve, how do you want customers to respond, what do you want them to think or do or feel? These are just some of the questions that form the foundation of a core positioning that serves as the base that all great design work is crafted upon.

And that's what drives us. It's not the size of the project, or the product or service. It's about crafting the absolute best solution for your communication design needs. Whether it's through graphic design, brand design, or communication design perhaps aided by 3D design, we're here to work with you in creating long term visionary solutions that will work to differentiate your brand. 

Let's be honest, in our crowded marketing world customer engagement is absolutely key. And by using ideas that connect directly to your customers you can initiate and encourage that interaction.  We offer multi disciplined design and brand development to help you achieve your marketing goals. 


And what's in a name?

In some regions of the world T8 is a storm warning. We like the analogy simply because storms bring change. And with that change comes fresh air, fresh thinking and fresh approaches to problem solving.

And at T8 we love design challenges, no matter how big or small. From crafting a logo design through to designing marketing campaigns or developing a conceptual creative strategy that redefines a category, our team has the local and global experience to help your brand gain traction in your target market.